Babydoll working nights

Wednesday night selections 

#1 Alec Bradley White Gold

Only issue with this particular stick was having to relight. Otherwise was a pleasant smoke with a medium to smooth draw. Flavors were very mellow. Smoke was pleasant. Makings of a good everyday smoke.

#2 Mark Twain No. 1 

This was a Churchill and I admit it felt a bit regal. Extremely smooth draw. Mellow flavor and pleasant smoke plume. When you have time to relax this is definitely a go to stick. The time passed with the burn of this stick like a time warp. Very relaxing very pleasant smoke. Highly recommend.

#3 Felipe II Fat Boy

As I've said I can be intimidated by a dark wrapper but this gem was quite pleasant. Probably one of the easiest draw cigars I've experienced. Medium to bold flavor that was not overbearing but had a hint of pepper that made it very enjoyable.

Thursday night selections

#1 Victor Sinclair 55 Imperial

Difficult light but once mastered maintained a good cherry. Thick constant smoke. Medium to bold flavor that carried throughout the entire smoke. A quick burn finishing in under 1-1/2 hours. So if looking for a good cigar that doesn't waste a lot of time VS55 is a great selection for a quick break on that busy afternoon or late evening.

#2 Fonseco Cubano Viso Fuerte

I enjoy a guillotine cut (sorry v-cutters). I especially enjoy a guillotine cut on a torpedo cigar,. The comfort in my mouth due to the smaller circumference makes for a completely different experience. Easy light carried burn throughout entire smoke without re-light. Smooth smoke with a medium-mellow flavor. No maintenance cigar. Very relaxing smoke.

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