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Why so many options?

Tonight I'm trying a 5 Vegas Apotheosis (5.5IN x 55) Which translates to a 5-1/2IN long cigar with a 55 ring diameter. Now may I cut this cigar with  64 ring cutter. Yes you may. Can I cut this cigar with  a v-cutter. Yes you can. What about a punch cutter. Acceptable as well. Each cutter can effect draw. Different cutters on different cigars can substantially affect the draw. I prefer to use my 56 ring guillotine cutter on cigars with a smaller ring size for a more precise cut without concern of cleanliness of the cut. This is all personal preference. 

I personally prefer a guillotine cutter, gives a much more consistent draw. A punch cutter is great for keeping in your pocket and handy to use on the go. I have seen several people using a v-cutter to cut multiple v grooves in their cigars. Some like an X others like an asterisk. Simply in order to help with draw on very tightly wrapped cigars.

Regardless how you cut this 5 Vegas Apotheosis it is certain to be a new favorite. The draw was easy. The burn was consistent. The flavor was rich and the smoke was smooth.

Whichever method you choose we can hook you up 64 ring cutter56 ring guillotine cutterpunch cutterv-cutter. Ready to buy. Give us a try.

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