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Did you get a chance to watch the "How to Cut and Light a Cigar" in the last post? Perhaps you have been practicing the packing method on your favorite pipe. As I've said they aren't the only way and may not be your preferred way but if you're struggling I encourage you to use them and make them your own with your own nuances. 

I too created my own nuances in regards to cutting of my sticks. 

When the ring is larger than 50 I prefer to use a punch cutter. This has become my favorite cut by far. Its clean. There's little to no opportunity to get excess tobacco in your mouth. There's no error in cutting too much or cutting too little. It's pretty much foolproof and that's another feature I like. Granted cutters like the Balmoral Guillotine have a backstop so you don't cut more than is necessary. No worries with the punch and the built in plunger gets rid of the plug with ease. The punch cutter is compact and comes with a key ring. It fits comfortably in my pocket so I'm not concerned with leaving it behind or misplacing it.

When the stick is a torpedo, belicoso, piramide, perfecto, solomon or chisel shape. Simply meaning the end or both ends of the cigar taper I prefer to use a guillotine. I generally cut in order to achieve the same size opening at the end of the stick as would be if I was able to use my punch. Again its about not getting excess tobacco in my mouth and ruin the experience of a great smoke. Now it is possible to use a punch on a taper but its not very clean or precise. Using your punch can be done on the taper up away from the end. I've tried this method and did not care for it much (personal preference) I tried to use a punch same as on a flat cap but as in an under 50 ring the punch didn't cut cleanly and put tears in the wrapper. 

The coveted V-Cut. This new fad cut I prefer to use when the ring is under 50 like Petit Corona, Corona, Panatela, Lonsdale, Lancero, Gran Corona. The smaller ring makes it impossible to punch without tearing the wrapper for me and guillotine exposes too much tobacco for my taste. Yes I know there are several styles of V-Cut being utilized from the double V, the star V, I'm sure by now someone has come up with another one yet to be posted.

No matter how you cut there's no wrong way if it works for you.

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