Day Five 2021 0916

Awoke to a welcome surprise. After all the doom and gloom on the weather channel, the sun was shining bright today in Gulf Shores.

Nothing better to get your morning started than enjoying a great stick in the sunshine listening to the waves of the ocean crashing...

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns and breakfast steak we hit the water early around 9:00AM.

After hours of playing in the waves and giggling like teenagers, witnessed a cloud moving up on the horizon around 1:00PM. Took this change in the weather opportunity to go back to the condo and grill some steaks Enjoyed a lunch of baked potatoes, garden salad and steak.

Spent the afternoon perusing some of the local souvenir shops looking for bargains.

After wasting away the afternoon decided to grab a bite at Fish River Grill #3 here in Gulf Shores. Thanks for the recommend Sam and Lisa.

Kelli questioned the waitress about Swamp Soup. As she was telling us about Swamp Soup, the collard greens, the white beans, the black beans, our interest was peaked. Tho BKay not a fan of beans tried it, in the end I think only Randy and I enjoyed it enough to have it again. Then our food arrived and man was it good. Fried Gator Bites, The NOLA which was Shrimp and Fried Green Tomatoes, Fish River Grill Patty Melts, and their specialty "OMG" SHRIMP FEAST PO'BOY SLATHERED WITH CRAWFISH SAUCE.

Caught the last quarter on the Thursday Night NFL game NY Giants and Washington.

Retired to bed about 10:30PM.

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