Day Four 2021 0915

Started today by waking up at 5:00AM. That internal clock in my head that went off expecting my usual alarm. Finally drifted back to sleep and arose at 7:00AM. Considered sleeping in to me.

Started off as a rainy gloomy day so I partook of a Fonseca Cubano Viso Fuerte. An easy relaxing, medium to full bodied smoke. This was a no maintenance stick as it kept its burn thru the entire smoke.

We ventured to Foley AL to the Tanger Outlet Mall. If you want it there's a store here that most likely has it. 

We met up with some friends Sam and Lisa from back home at Papa Rocco's for Papa Deluxe Pizza, Chili and Cheese Nachos, Oysters and several Italian Combo Dinners. Great food and great value, along with some great conversation. Sam was telling us about baiting, setting and catching crabs in a trap as he had just caught 2 very nice sized ones last night and had them on ice. 

We were able to enjoy some beach time with a break in the weather from 5:00PM - 7:00PM.

Evening entertainment consisted of watching the movie "Ma" on cable and a late night Ice Cream run to Scoops.

Early to bed at around 10:30PM. 

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