Day One 2021 0912 Travel Down

Time to head to the Beach. When its time to recharge there is no better place than the Beach. Sand, Sun and some great sticks.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience as anything ordered after 4:00AM Sunday September 12th thru Sunday September 19th will be shipped out Monday September 20th. 

So left around 1:45PM with friends. Kinda odd being a passenger and not actually driving. Fortunately, downloaded a movie on Netfliix so me and fiance' backseat riding was able to kill nearly 2 hours watching Worth with Michael Keaton. A very good movie about the people who lost loved ones and quality of life for survivors of September 11th. 

Small shower in Arkansas but other than that pretty uneventful on the weather front. Stopped at in Madison MS for a bite to eat. First stop was Applebees and a 45 minute wait. Decided to look for somewhere else farther from the Interstate and found a Chilis on the second Google Maps search. Walked inside and was told wait could be 45 min to hour and a half. There was a sign walking in the read Half of the Restaurant was closed due to a staffing shortage. Not certain why they were short of staff COVID or what. There were no less than 50 people on the bar side and no one seated on the restaurant side. Obviously they haven't gotten any of the memos about social distancing as people were on top of each other.

It was once again back to google maps and onto the next destination. As I exited the car and made my way inside Crab Boat Restaurant on US51 I was greeted at the hostess stand and was assured a party of 4 could be seated right away, tho there was a fairly good crowd. After receiving our menus we began perusing them to discover such gems as shrimp with the option of heads on or heads off. Cat Fish, not sure how that differs from catfish but was here for the seafood. Now if you don't like seafood or fish they also had quite an array of selections such as Spicy Turkey Necks. We had a variety of things mostly boils of Snow Crab Legs, Corn, Potatoes and Shrimp. Absolutely delicious. Glad we ran into long waits at the other traditional restaurants Crab Boat Restaurant in Madison MS is well worth the trip. Once in the car my fiance' checked her phone and discovered our table was ready at Applebees. 

Once the sun set people got a little more crazy we were nearly side swiped on three occasions by people not aware of their surroundings and moving over into our lane. Finally just after midnight we arrived at Drury Inn in Mobile AL or resting place for the night.



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