Day Three 2021 0914

Awake at 7:00AM, yes I know we had a late night. Yes I know we are on vacation. I actually slept in as I originally woke up at normal alarm time of 5:00AM but was able to drift back to sleep.

The overcast skies and occasional sprinkles due to the Hurricane and Tropical storm conditions in the Gulf, still could not dampen our spirits today. The majority of our beach vacations have been in Florida. Our last beach adventure was to the Beaufort SC area, beautiful area. There BKay and I played in the crashing waves like a couple giggling teenagers. Not to be outdone Gulf Shores provided more crashing waves and more giggling, tho some of these waves got quite high and didn't leave much time to recover between crashes.

Lunch consisted of re-purposed bacon for Kelli, BKay and I for BLTs and Randy opted for a Spicy Turkey sandwich. All complimented with chips.

My stick selection for the day was a Mark Twain Riverboat. A mild stick with very light plume of smoke. So light that at times I was contemplating re-lights but realized that the smoke was just that light and didn't require it. This would be a good recommend for a beginning cigar smoker or a veteran that quite possibly could use a palette reset. 

We had tried to get in to Mikee's Seafood last night but with the 40 minute wait we opted out but tonight the wait was only 20 minutes as we had come earlier, 5:30PM tonight. We ordered Shrimp and Clams, Mikee's Seafood Platter and Kelli and Randy each had the AYCE Catfish Dinner. My entrée came with Gumbo and it was as delicious as the gumbo I had at Bahama Bobs. I would not be able to pick a winner between the two they were both equally delicious.

Entertainment for the evening consisted of Legends Theatre in Foley AL. The current show which just started its run was a Tribute to Cyndi Lauper, 80s DIVAs, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Tina Turner. I may be a little biased but you would have to be dead to sit still in your seat during Tina Turner's Proud Mary. They were all very good entertainers including the dancers and the band accompanying them. If your in the Gulf Shores / Foley AL area check out the Legends Theatre.

 Early turn in tonight in bed by 10:30PM

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