Day Two 2021 0913

First things first had some breakfast at Drury, Mobile AL.

Traveled to Gulf Shores. Arrived in Gulf Shores and looking for something to kill time. The best way really is food and beverage. Decided upon Bahama Bob's where we enjoyed the Treasure Island Seafood Gumbo, Coconut Fried Shrimp, Burger and Fried Pickles. BKay had a Amaretto Orange Blossom and Kelli had The Bahama Bob. Randy had a Michelob Ultra and I had a Coors Light. Turns out after killing all that time room still wasn't ready so decided to just go set on the beach and wait it out. Enjoyed a Filepe II Fat Boy.

Got settled into our condo at 3:15PM. Finally at the beach. This is what re-charge is all about. Drink in my hand toes in the sand seeing BKay smiling contented face is worth everything to me.

Finally needing to get MORE food, you will come to know this as a common theme. King Neptune's Seafood Restaurant, started off with fried mushrooms. Entree's of Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Alfredo, Fish and Shrimp, Blackened Chicken Salad. All was delicious and definitely worth the visit if you've never been. 

Last stop WalMart of course to grab groceries and adult beverages for the week. Got back to the condo in time to see the final 10:00 minutes of regulation on Raiders / Ravens game only to be tied and go into overtime. Enjoyed some cold beer, Duque, conversation and listening to the waves crash from the balcony. 

Next adventure was Randy telling us about these crabs running across the sand at night. So we took a flashlight and went for a walk along the beach. Now from his recollection we were starting to get a little concerned that maybe he'd been hitting the sauce a bit much as we walked we never seen anything remotely resembling his recollection.  Then we spotted our first one. These fast little creatures were as he said. They were lightening fast and we saw numerous ones of varying shades and sizes. They were so entertaining to watch scurrying all over the sand. 

Lights out at around 1AM.





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