Yes its a thing look it up.

One of the subjects I see that seemed to never have a consistent mainstream answer is what RH% is ideal for my humidor.

Now I see HUMI-CARE Boveda Packs from 62% to 75% (Yes there are other options for other applications and 84% for seasoning your humidor) I prefer 62%.

I seasoned my glass top 50 cigar humidor with distilled water, a sponge and 2 shot glasses.

We carry HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes but I never utilized them until recenty. Now my assumptions were that these were going to be like the handi-wipes one gets at a seafood or BBQ restaurant. Man was I mistaken. After ripping open the package I noticed the bulk of the wipe. It was a square mini sponge pre-loaded with solution.

Wiping the interior of my humidor was much easier than the initial treatments I did with the sponge that came with my humidor. The application was smoother and there was no dripping of excess liquid from the wipe as was with the sponge. I still use distilled water as I have a HUMI-CARE Smiley Crystal Gel Humidifier in my glass top humidor.

So while RH% is a personal preference one thing we'll be in agreement on is the convenience of HUMI-CARE Seasoning Wipes . Check out our Humidification products at 

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