King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table

Two selections for tonight consisted of Ave Maria Crusader. A delightful stick that was consistent all the way through. Even when some turn harsh this one stayed flavorful until the end. The burn was on point and even throughout the smoke.  The other was the Man O' War Ruination Kopis which had a deeper flavor. Good consistent burn but required one re-light at about three-quarter thru the burn. Still a great stick with a rich deep flavor. 

I have always enjoyed music and adding a couple great sticks I got lost in the moment and 7:00PM turned into 10:00PM in the blink of an eye. Music has always calmed my mind and the addition of great cigars in this endeavor has mellowed my mind beyond comprehension during these times. Not to mention I had forgotten just how many good songs Incubus actually recorded. I have approximately 1,100 songs on my phone and with the help of a bluetooth speaker my search took me from Sinatra to Trace Adkins to Marshmello to Chris Stapleton and re-living some Rag'n'Bone Man. If you've never listened to Rag'n'Bone Man I encourage you to look him up on YouTube.

  I also encourage you to enhance your experience with some great sticks like Ave Maria Crusader and Man O' War Ruination Kopis they certainly fit the bill.

Check out our selection at 

As I've mentioned in the past because of my fondness of medieval times and having watched Excalibur no less than a dozen times I have always fancied the bands on these cigars. The quality certainly reflects the appeal of the unique bands.



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