Marketing ... Listen to who or Follow your gut?

The area I've struggled with the most is listening to my gut and listening to all the gurus that tell me what to do to be successful.

I get it there are struggles in order to be successful. Just some folks struggle more than others. I've read 100 articles and those of you that know me understand what a milestone that is and how much I want to succeed as I truly hate to read. I set up my site and seen some success but certainly not were I wanted to be and didn't want to be stagnant. So I listen to the people tell me how to set things up to be successful, only to become stagnant. Changed them back and forged ahead to gain back the ground I lost. 

Yes I've seen every get rich scheme imaginable from real estate, to flipping, to internet sales. Almost every story I read could be summed up in the same droning on pieces of advice. Are these points the true remedy or once each of these people becomes successful do they fall back into the same rhetoric they listened to from everyone else that was spewing the same regurgitated points on their journey on their way up the success ladder. Hey if i get to the pinnacle I'll blow the lid off it if its truly a different path...

They said find something you love and you'll never work a day in your life. True it doesn't feel like work like my 50 hour a week job does but trust me you work your tail off. You simply enjoy it more and hope the sweat and aggravation pays off so you can have an additional 50 hours a week of freedom in the future.

I ignore a lot of things that I need to be doing. Like the yard could be more pristine and I need to kill off the crabgrass before it takes over but I tell myself it looks better than 2 years ago so I comfort myself with that thought. The motor on our zero turn locked up and I should re-build the motor but I'm doing website and marketing work instead and using the tractor to maintain the lawn. About a 30 minute difference between the two. So would sacrificing a couple nights to rebuild the motor benefit me by years end or do I put it off to winter time like I have convinced myself. 

Yes I have become passionate about something that I never in a million years believed I would have any interest in. I never had any sympathy for cigarette smokers because quite frankly 20% of them are assholes and they ruin it for the other 80%. I can not count how many times I've been to an activity where rather than get down off the bleachers a cigarette smoker would simply light up in the middle of a crowd. In my 58 years I have never once experienced a pipe or cigar smoker do that. When I go to work our facility has a no smoking on company property policy including the parking lot. Everyone lost their minds over it but when I walk into work at the curb in front of the parking lot is no less than 500 cigarette butts (none of them are cigar nubs) so I really have no sympathy for what you keep screaming about as your right.

Cigar and Pipe people have been some of the most caring and compassionate people I have met. As I've stated before I belong to about 40 cigar sites and 10 tobacco sites and even though newbies ask the same general questions repeatedly every day 99% answer them as if they were answering the question for the first time to encourage them to enjoy the lifestyle, as they have.

I also want to take a minute to talk about Cigars for Warriors. I was talking to a BOTL on one cigar site late at night and was trying to get a sense of how to send cigars to military personnel that were deployed and he told me about Cigars for Warriors. After some due diligence I sent our first package. This is a great cause and I implore you to do the same. The smiles on the soldiers faces, the dedication that Cigars for Warriors has in providing this service is above and beyond. Stop worrying about who's kneeling at the flag and do a patriotic service like buying or donating cigars and accessories for Cigars for Warriors to send to our military.

In essence sometime you gotta trust your gut more than the rhetoric. Stop listening to the crowd and do whats right for you.



Get a Chance. Give us a Glance.

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