My shortcut to humidification.

As with most everyone I struggled to get my humidity levels up in my first humidor. Then I turned to watching videos online and asking a friend. My friend suggested using distilled water as was suggested by the videos but the difference was the amount of distilled water. See most every video I watched suggested using a dampened sponge to wipe down the entire interior of my new humidor and after 24 hours to add cigars. My friend said after wiping down the entire interior of my humidor I needed to rewet the sponge and fill two shot glasses full of distilled water and place the sponge and shot glasses in my humidor for 24 hours. Those two shot glasses made the difference in my opinion. Once I added cigars and a 62% Boveda Pack my humidor was maintenance free for about ten weeks.

After the ten week period I tried everything to get my humidity back under control. As I tried everything I struggled even to the point of emptying out my humidor and starting the process all over again. I tried a gel jar and even though it seems as this would be a good alternative I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the space in my humidor, real estate in there is prime and wasn’t willing to waste it.

I did find a great product in my eagerness to get my humidor back to tip top shape. Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes. These little prepackaged sponges are ideal for wiping down cedar lined humidors whether you are seasoning for the first time or reconditioning or bringing an old humidor back to life. It’s simple really, almost too simple. You simply tear open the package and remove the pre-moistened sponge wipe. You wipe down the entire interior and then just cast it in the trash. I open two additional ones (replacing the need for two shot glasses) put in a 62% Boveda Pack and wait 24 hours. I discard the two Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes packet for a new one. Then begin adding my favorite cigars or tobacco.

The shortcut I learned is that rather than start the process all over again I simply swap out the old Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes packet for a new one every eight weeks. I check that my Boveda Pack is still pliable and not hardened. If your Boveda Pack is hardened it can be brought back to life by introducing additional Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes packets but you may want to consider replacing the Boveda Pack as well. In the two years I have followed this practice I have not as yet had to replace any Boveda Packs.

62% is just my personal preference for humidity on my personal cigars and tobacco. You can use whatever % you chose. Just note if you use a high humidity Boveda Pack you may need to change out your Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes packets more often than eight weeks.

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