Not just for Pipes...

Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool

Now even though it was designed to use with a pipe I have found there are several uses for the Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool for cigars as well.

First use I've found to be most helpful is purging my Rockwell Torch Lighter. The prong can be used to purge any butane refillable lighter. Once you've filled your torch lighter with butane whether its the first time or 100th time if you look in the viewing window on your lighter you will notice that its only filled about 3/4 full. The reason is the propellent in the butane can leave an air pocket and you can use the prong on the Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool to purge this air pocket from your butane refillable lighter. Once you've purged the air simply finish filling with butane and if you purged enough air it will now be 100% full in the viewing window.

Another handy use I've found is when I have a tight draw cigar. I simply use the prong to poke air holes up the barrel from the head. Depending how tight the draw I will generally insert it in 3 to 5 different locations in the head. I will also use it on the foot on a cigar that will not stay lit. Now make sure the reason the cigar won't stay lit is simply from lack of attention. A cigar is like a good woman, you gotta pay attention to it. So if I get involved in writing a blog and neglect to take a drag every two minutes or so it may simply require a relight because I was neglecting it. If this is not the case and it requires more than one relight then I will knock off as much ash as possible and insert the prong in 3 to 5 different locations in the foot of the cigar before relighting it.

Now I've never had occasion to use the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine but hey who knows sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. I have however used it to remove a stem from a cigar that I couldn't get a grip on with my fingers. Once twisting the corkscrew around the stem it allowed it to become free enough to pull slightly out of the cigar as I was pulling the corkscrew out of the cigar. Enough that I was then able to grip the stem and pull it free.

The other benefit of the Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool is that it is small enough to fit in your pocket comfortable or in your TravelDor without losing any cigar quantity. 

So do not simply dismiss the Rockwell Binge Pipe Tool as just a Pipe tool. 


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