"Light it and smoke it!"

When is the proper time to smoke my cigar / tobacco?

CUSTOMER: What if my humidity isn't ideal? What do I do then?
ME Light it and smoke it!

CUSTOMER: What if the cigar splits? What do I do then?
ME: Smoke thru it!

One thing I've learned is the best way to learn is to "Light it and smoke it!"

Now granted there are those tobaccos (Cigar or Pipe) that work well with a flame and those that require a bit of maintenance. But generally the maintenance is required due to lack of knowledge.

Sometimes that knowledge is gained simply by trial and error. Other times it is gained by the wisdom of your peers (Not by age necessarily) but those veterans of the leaf. Those that have chartered the course before you and made all those same mistakes. There is really no need to keep repeating the common mistakes.

I personally belong to about 40 Cigar and Tobacco sites, yes 40. There are allot of really helpful people in these groups. Now granted there are those groups that are not so helpful and are just angry which is why I no longer belong to those groups and now belong to 40 not 50. Life's too short and for every one asshole you run into there are 100 out there that really have a passion for cigars and tobacco and willingly answer the same silly 20 questions for every newbie that comes along.

YouTube is also your friend. There are more channels out there on any subject than you can imagine and will answer your basic questions. I struggled thru about 5 methods to pack a pipe until I came upon one that was so simple even I couldn't screw it up. That's not to say that method will work for you. It just happen to resonate with me. 

Take a pinch of tobacco sprinkle bowl overflowing and press down to even with top of bowl with pad of thumb only. Repeat this two more times. On the third time the top should give a little resistance and spring back slightly if no spring back continue until you get the spring back. Now put a flame to the tobacco while drawing but don't be overly aggressive you are simply wanting a good char burn on the top of the tobacco. Use a tamper to meld that char onto the tobacco do NOT force it just tamp lightly. Now relight and enjoy your bowl of tobacco. About half way thru the bowl I tamp it again, lightly as before to once again meld the cherry into the remaining tobacco. Don't get discouraged if you have to relight. Practice, Practice, Practice. 

I also struggled with keeping my sticks lit until I watched a video with Nick Perdomo of Perdomo Cigars on how to cut and light a cigar that improved my ability to smoke thru with minimal relights. Its available on YouTube click the link here to watch (approx10mins)

How to Cut and Light a cigar

Hopefully you've learned a thing or two if not I assure you with minimal research you will and the hobby will become even more enjoyable for just a few simple changes. Regardless if you are a newbie or a veteran of the leaf relaxing and enjoying your cigars and tobacco is the ultimate reward.



As always Get a Chance. Give us a Glance!



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