I've had a few inquiries about this program so let me see if I can clarify it a little better.

If you place an order, for those of you that have already done so, you receive 5 business cards with your order. Now lets not look at those as business cards but rather lets look at each of those business cards as a $10 bill (a Hamilton). Stay with me here. If you've been paying attention to my occasional correspondence or what others would call ramblings, you would have heard me mention the REFER A FRIEND. So if you simply threw them in a drawer or on a shelf or in the trash you let $50 slip away.

What does REFER A FRIEND entail? Its quite simple actually. When you pass someone a "Hamilton" aka business card, simply inform them that when they place an order they put "Referred by: [YOUR FIRST NAME and LAST NAME]" in the comments section at checkout. When we verify their payment information and once their order is fulfilled, YOU, the person who's [FIRST NAME and LAST NAME] is in the comments section at checkout of their order will be issued a $10 gift card to use on

REFER A FRIEND also applies to acquaintances. My suggestion is that when you receive the 5 Hamiltons with your order that you put "Referred by: [YOUR FIRST and LAST NAME]" on the back of each one so that when you hand out the card and explain what to do they have your name available in order that you will receive your $10 gift card when they order or when the person they passed it to orders.

In essence we are giving you the opportunity to earn $50 worth of product for FREE with minimal effort. Now granted you're not eligble to receive $10 for the same person multiple times but only on their initial order.

For those of you that have yet to order. If you order at least 5 cigars we include a FREE one finger V-Cutter. Those of you that have ordered a pipe or pipe tobacco we include 5 FREE BJ Long pipe cleaners. Even more reason to help you introduce others to our site and earn your FREE $10 Gift Card.

Yes I know it can seem awkward but trust me 99% of everyone I've given out cards to (about 1,000 in the last 6 months) have been very receptive and those that don't smoke or aren't interested I simply tell them to pass it along to someone else they know that might be interested and 80% of those that aren't interested in personal use think of someone almost immediately they can give the "Hamilton" to. Which is why its important to put "Referred by: [YOUR FIRST and LAST NAME]" on the back of each one.

If you have not received 5 Hamiltons you ask, how do you get yours? Simple, place an order. They will accompany your first order and subsequently every order you place thereafter will come with another 5 Hamiltons ($50 potential value).

Where are you gonna get Premium Cigars and Tobacco at a better price? We ship USPS in the continental US except where prohibited (check your state laws if you are unsure) We are licensed to sell as classified Other Tobacco which entails everything offered on our site. We've shipped throughout the lower 48 where lawful and most every order has shipped next business day and has been delivered within 2 to 3 business days. Once your order is fulfilled an email is sent to the email address you provide so you can track your package along the way and know when it is expected to deliver and when it actually delivers.

We appreciate each and everyone of you and continue to provide Premium Cigars and Tobacco at a great price.

Please send any questions, comments, concerns or commentary to




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