Ship vs Bill

What's the difference between a Shipping address vs a Billing address? Are they not the same thing?

Well yes and no. When having something delivered you may want it billed to one address but delivery to another address to meet and pickup in person.

What does this have to do with sticks you may wonder. Well if you live in a zip code that does not start with 637 most likely your shipping and billing address will most often be the same. These addresses will match and as it relates to correspondence and delivery with In this case your items will be delivered by USPS to your shipping address and the billing address that matches your shipping address will be used for future correspondence.

Now if you live in a zip code that is NOT a 637 zip code or even if you live in a zip code that is a 637 zip code but you don't want the items delivered to your house but you work or travel to a 637 zip code such as Jackson (63755), Perryville (63775) or Cape Girardeau (63701) then you are going to want to have different billing and shipping addresses. This will allow FREE delivery of your items to meet and pickup in person. In this case you use a shipping address at checkout with a 637 zip code for say a place of business or where you work. This is where I can deliver the items to you in person without you having to pay delivery charges. At the payment screen you will enter a different address for your billing address. Your billing address will be your mailing address, that way you can receive future correspondence.

Now that we got that straightened out, I hope. Come see what is new and our recent re-stocks. We provide under the radar items at a great price. If their is something your looking for but haven't found it leave it in the comments or you can email us as well.


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