Traveling to Florida...

My life for 30 years was always turmoil. Probably mostly of my own doing. I was a bit of a wild child. Don't tell BKay if you know her, she thinks of me as an innocent soul. 

We enjoy Florida, love HOT weather. The last several years we have traveled to Venice Beach FL to enjoy the sunshine and sand between Christmas and New Years. I don't chronically socialize like some but I'm not a shy person either and will strike up conversations with strangers if they are within shouting distance. Sometimes this is influenced by the MillerCoors Corporation but that is an entirely different blog series within itself... 

Granted you will see familiar products on our site but more often than not you will find hidden gems. I have sampled a large majority of these offerings and have found some surprisingly great cigars that I had not heard of. We don't carry it if I wouldn't recommend it. John Bull brand is a prime example. Some I am influenced by the band. Ave Maria and Man O' War Series due to my love of the Knights, Kings, Queens and Castles era. They definitely measure up in quality and flavor to those bands. 5 Vegas has been a surprising brand as I assumed they were more a value cigar but they certainly hold there own with the major brands. A personal favorite is the 5 Vegas Gold.

Our last trip to the sunshine state resulted in a conversation with a gentleman and his wife about cigar lounges. I had expressed being naïve about the whole cigar culture as I had only been engaged in it about 6 months. They had found a niche market for not so mainstream products. If ever there is a product out there that you have interest in, drop us a line, we will research it and do everything to locate it for you. 

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