Which one is Pink?

Being a music fanatic this blog is influenced by ACDC "Have a Drink On Me" and Pink Floyds " Have a Cigar."

This weekend enjoying time with my love at a local winery I was spreading the cheer that is When I happened upon a table of two couples enjoying the afternoon of wine and music. After looking at my card they inquired if I had any cigars with me. Of course I had cigars with...

The conversation quickly turned to "what do you enjoy with your cigars?" That was an easy conversation as first discovering Woodford Reserve several years ago, once I started smoking cigars it was a natural pairing. They caught my interest talking about The George Dickel Distillery. As with most everything with COVID their tours have ceased but it is definitely on our bucket list to take the tour once they have resumed.

They recommended a few sweet products put out by the Dickel Distillery. Eagle Rare and No. 8. Will be getting some sampling in on both these products.

We have been to Jack Daniels Distillery and the tradition there is bar-none. My favorite distillery thus far was probably Makers Mark simply because you were able to get up close and personal to the process. We were at the St Louis Distillery where we purchased some Cardinal Sin Vodka. They are a small batch Vodka distillery tho small very personal and very knowledgeable.

Regardless of what you pair with your cigars we have a multitude a flavors, from mild to moderate, to deep, to pair with whatever you are drinking.. 

Casa Torano     Irish Whiskey     John Bull     Gurkha    Graycliff     Bueso 


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