Whiskey Wish List

Of course you've heard of a Bucket List but what about a Whiskey List or more to the matter a Whiskey Wish List. 

So as most of you know I belong to about 10 pipe and 40 cigar groups on FB. Now I keep hearing about certain whiskeys which makes me want to try them. I'm really not sure why as I'm a sweets person not a kerosene person. So the one whiskey I've heard most about but never experienced is Monkey Shoulder. I've mentioned this to a few of my customers and acquaintances and they have not tried it either. We have a local Whiskey establishment called Cask in Cape Girardeau MO. I researched their website and they listed Monkey Shoulder as one of the spirits they have. One of my customers had placed a cigar and tobacco order so I suggested meeting there for the delivery as we were talking about Cask the night before. I had never visited the establishment personally although my fiance' had gotten her hair done next door, so I was familiar with the place. 

Now the previous week when we ate with another couple at The Southerner I  tried an Old Fashion. I had never had a memorable one to that point. That changed  as the bartender handed me the drink and upon first sip I was impressed to the point I had to know why this experience was so different than past attempts at other establishments. First and foremost was the way she muddle the ingredients before adding the liquor. Second was the liquor which was a white label bottle of Basil Haydens. So this reinvigorated my quest to find whiskeys that would compliment my obsession with Cigars and Tobacco. 

Upon arrival to Cask we walked amongst the many patrons to get a lay of the land. Now they are not only spirits but also have an adjoining wine selection. We were able to secure a table. We were provided drink menus and as I perused it I recognized several items that were on my Whiskey Wish List. But first things first, lets find the Ms. something to drink before I indulge. Bingo right at the top of the menu was a sweet little Apricot Collins. I proceeded to the bar where the mixologist was busily preparing drinks for other patrons. I said I wanted an Apricot Collins which he happily complied and made with ease and little effort. Then I requested an ounce of Monkey Shoulder on the Rocks. My heart sank when he gave me that look of dismay and reported they did not have any Monkey Shoulder. CRAP! So I spotted a bottle of 4 Roses on the shelf and said, "Well give me 4 Roses instead."

Without personally taking a sip I realize the Apricot Collins was an exceptional drink as my fiance' had proceeded in consuming it in its entirety. I sipped the 4 Roses. There was a mis-communication as I was given it neat and not on the rocks. The 4 Roses burned ever so slightly in my mouth but other than that was quite uneventful. Now understand I have been to the Makers Mark Distillery for the tasting and have had a Mint Julipe at the Kentucky Derby. I was envisioning a grasshopper, not even remotely close and neither of which have made me crave another whiskey. Although the last time at Makers Mark I learned a thing or two about the aroma that helps prepare the palette that made it much more enjoyable. I also got to wax my own bottle and though that may seem silly it was probably one of the most exciting things I've experienced in regards to whiskey.

So time to make the next selection. I've had Woodford Reserve and really enjoyed it  so I skipped over it as it was familiar. For those of you that ever watched USA Network perhaps you remember the series 'SUITS'. Repeatedly I would hear them make reference to McCallens and again on several of the sites I belong to this is also mentioned regularly. Now there was about a $20 difference between the ounce of 4 Roses and an ounce of McCallens 18 year but I told myself, "You only live once" and  wanted to experience it. Well I had to share this experience with my fiance' so I offered her the first sip. A burning on her lips was her response. I never recall the burning on my lips and it may have been form the sweetness of the Apricot Collins. I do recall how smooth it was as it passed over my tongue. The most distinguishing factor was how it provided a warming affect in my throat starting about chin level and passing downward thru my core. That I had never experienced. 

We ended the evening at Katy O'Ferrals a local Irish Pub. I shall continue my Whiskey journey and will not relent until I have tasted the ever elusive Monkey Shoulder.


McCallen 18 year
Glenfiddich Single Malt
Monkey Shoulder


Basil Hayden 8 year
Woodford Reserve
4 Roses Small Batch
Eagle Rare 90
Elijah Craig


Angels Envy
Basil Hayden 10 Year





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