Why smoke?

My first recollection of smoking I remember was early on, stealing a pack of Kool cigarettes from my brother-in-law's car when he would come to visit my sister. Other such occasions were smoking during lunch break at school. One thing that never appealed to me was inhaling the smoke. Then there would be times that someone would have a child and pass out King Edwards cigars, those I enjoyed. I discovered Swisher Sweet cigars in quite the same manner as the Kool cigarettes. Not sure if he ever notice the cigarettes or Swisher Sweets missing or if he merely chalked it up as the price for getting to see my sister.

Cigarette smoking never appealed to me in a large way and never took hold. They were a take it or leave it kind of thing with me. Though I enjoyed the occasional cigar it really had no place in my life either as that is all it was, an occasional thing. Not something I sought out.

Though those King Edwards cigars were enjoyable I had no idea there was a whole realm of choices to be had. I am a mild flavored person not the eat things that numb the taste buds type. So sticks like 5 Vegas GoldCasa ToranoAve Maria Crusader were quite appealing. With so many choices I started exploring other varieties including those with a more medium body. Sticks like Cohiba Red DotBig PapiAlec Bradley Fumas, John Bull Dark Hour. On the other side of the spectrum there are the creams. These sticks are definitely a delight to smoke and the two that I've sampled thus far that I have thoroughly enjoyed were the Dominican Cream and Nicaraguan Cream. I have also recently strayed into some of the fuller bodied cigars and found them quite pleasing as well. Sticks like Ave Maria Argentum, CAO Mx2, Genesis The Project.  So regardless your palette has something in stock for your ever changing tastes. Come give us a glance. You won't be disappointed.

Why smoke cigars. This is a 2 hour getaway. No matter what is going on having a stick makes the worlds problems disappear if even only for 2 hours. Sometimes I may have a second or a third for 4-6 hours of serenity. Also that whole "One thing that never appealed to me was inhaling the smoke" isn't an issue with cigars. 

PSSITA (Put Some Smoke In The Air)

PSA: you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase tobacco products

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