Wrapper / No Wrapper

Of all the cigar sites I belong to I would say this is the most frequently asked and/or debated topic.

My view point is if the cigar comes in a wrapper it stays in said wrapper until I smoke it, regardless where I store it. My way of thinking is if the wrapper has no significance then why are all the manufacturers spending money on putting their cigars in them. The wrapper is cellophane so it is breathable, its not an airtight container. All the marketing is on the cigars band(s) or box, nothing is on the wrapper other than an occasional bar code.

Though breathable it has strong resistance to oily, alkaline and organic solvents, the transparency is high and the gloss is strong. It is a non-toxic and odorless packaging film. I leave them on for the integrity and protection of each individual cigar. Yes one could say I am at times clumsy so having the cellophane wrapper ensures my piece of mind when handling my cigars as well. 

I also keep the different flavor profiles separate for long term storage in the respect of no two flavor profiles that are not adjacent are stored in the same container. ie: I do not put 2-Mellow in a container with a 4-Distinct. 


Certainly would never store infused cigars with my non-infused cigars. Again they are resistant to liquid but are breathable so flavors and some humidity can be transmitted from one to the other as every wrapper though folded is not 100% sealed on the end.

It really comes down to personal preference. Same as the age old argument on what is the ideal RH for cigars. I personally prefer 62% RH. Though most research I've done says you are good anywhere from 60% - 72%. 

Regardless if you store your sticks in the wrapper or remove them continue to #PSSITA.


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