Your selling sticks?

That is probably the phrase I hear the most from people I know when I started handing out business cards. 

Why am I selling cigars. Well a friend of mine invited me to a B&M with a lounge area about 8 months ago. But before we get into all that some history first. My only experience smoking was stealing a pack or two of my brother-in-laws Kool cigarettes thirty years ago and an occasional King Edward cigar given out when someone had a baby. I had always frequented the local B&M, not for cigars but because they generally sold the empty cigar boxes for $1 or $2 dollars. They make great storage for nik-naks and what-not (yea I'm a whole lot country and a bit hillbilly with a twist of redneck).

Now that being said my fiance' said I needed to get a hobby. I had no idea what to pursue it just kinda fell on me. You know when you been praying forever for something and you don't even recognize you're getting what you asked for until well after the fact. My fiance' and this hobby are both examples of that previous statement.

To say I enjoyed the experience was an understatement. Now nothing against King Edward cigars as they are a good cigar but I had no idea that something could mellow me and slow my mind to a peaceful pace to allow the burdens of the day to wash away. Now whether I'm sitting in the garage by the propane heater, alone in my thoughts, typing this blog, sitting by a fire next to the pond (regardless of the outside temperature) or enjoying the comradery of others at the local B&M. This new hobby has brought me peace.

But why sell cigars? Well two reasons really. COVID cut out some financial resources and I have been looking and praying for an alternate source to offset. I also joined a couple online social communities and they were always suggesting different items to try. Now each time I took these recommendations into the B&M I was met with no availability. This is understandable one can't carry every conceivable brand or type of product. I saw that as my window of opportunity and took it.   

Yes I sell cigars and work a 50 hour week. Find a job you love they say ... I have so far.

Thank you to BKay for believing in me. Thank you my friend for inviting me.

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  • Keep up the good work! the world needs great pipe tobacco retailers like you

    Matt Guss

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