5 Vegas Gold (5.0×50)

5 Vegas Gold (5.0×50)

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Welcome to the Golden Era of 5 Vegas (pronounced "cinco vegas"). Made with a hearty blend of premium tobacco leaves from Honduras that have been aged a full 5 years and a satiny Grade A Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf, the 5 Vegas Gold is your answer for a full-flavored cigar that’s mellow in strength. Light one up and experience a joyride of smooth flavors. It opens with some zest, a combination of toasted nuts and subtle spice, then develops a soothing creaminess that coats the palate, making the initial spice an afterthought. Not a harsh note can be found as the cigar burns, and each puff releases a velvety cloud of blueish-white smoke. The Honduran-made 5 Vegas Gold is just right.

  • Mellow enough for everyone to enjoy.
  • Enough character to please palates of all levels.
  • Welcome addition to the steadfast 5 Vegas name.
  • Wonderful cigar.
  • Should become a part of your everyday rotation.