Alec Bradley Project 40 (6.0x52)

Alec Bradley Project 40 (6.0x52)

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Here to help with your 40%.

Project 40 has probably impacted your life, without you even realizing it. Basically, Project 40 is based on the concept that 50% percent of your happiness comes from genetics, 10% is based on circumstance, and the remaining 40% all depends on your outlook and mindset. The goal is to find how a product can have a positive impact on your mind and body, and improve your happiness and comfort overall. We all know that cigars are a relaxing activity that brings people together and helps create a sense of comfort and mental well-being, so it was only natural that Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley would apply this concept to cigars!

  • Draped in a Nicaraguan wrapper leaf
  • Brazilian Habano binder stuffed with Nicaraguan fillers.
  • Well-balanced blend of cedar, nuts, and spice.
  • Will certainly give a boost to your mood.


Good news! The Alec Bradley Project 40 has earned an impressive 93-point rating.