Bengal Slices 1.75oz TIN

Bengal Slices 1.75oz TIN

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If you enjoy Latakia and Orientals but want something different, you have to try Bengal Slices.

  • Bright, sweet and smoky blend.
  • Original crumble cake form.
  • Flavor is lively, but with depth, and the aroma is quite unique.
  • One of the few Latakia blends that most bystanders find appealing.


Back in the seventies, a singular blend came to market. It was a bright, Latakia-based crumble cake made with superior Orientals, sweet yellow Virginias and a bit of black Cavendish. It became a brand with a cult following - it was called Bengal Slices. Over the years, it went through a few iterations before disappearing into the ether. In 2015, a group acquired the trademark and approached our own blender, Russ Ouellette, to recreate the tobacco. Russ had already made an homage to Bengal Slices with his Fusilier's Ration. But, now armed with more detailed information about the original, Russ was able to fine-tune the blend and top note to recreate the crumble cake accurately.