Seattle Pipe Club Hood Canal 2oz TIN

Seattle Pipe Club Hood Canal 2oz TIN

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Seattle Pipe Club Hood Canal is a pressed crumble cake that is perfect for the cool weather. This new addition to the Seattle Pipe Club line-up will have you coming back for more each time. Make Hood Canal a part of your regular daily routine.
  • Latakia.
  • Virginias.
  • Orientals.
  • Perique.
  • Burley.


Join the Seattle Pipe Club with this finely blended tobacco from master blender Joe Lankford.

The Seattle Pipe Club knows their tobacco. Formed in 2001, it’s still one of the most active pipe tobacco clubs in the US, despite Seattle implementing a ban on lighting up in public. They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at a place called Smokey Joe’s, owned by a man named Joe Lankford.

In 2007, after blending tobacco for himself and for club members, he decided it was time for his brand to hit the market so people could enjoy them all over the country. With these meticulously blended fine tobaccos at your fingertips and in your pipe, you can join the Seattle Pipe Club no matter where you are!