Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Barrel Aged 2oz TIN

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Barrel Aged 2oz TIN

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No matter where you are, the Seattle Pipe Club wants you as a member!

Seattle Pipe Club has been bringing finely crafted tobacco blends to pipe fans since 2007, showcasing some of the best available tobacco on the market. Even so, Master Blender Joe Lankford likes to fix what's not broken. When he comes across rare limited tobacco, he uses it to create limited-edition versions of his already highly acclaimed blends. Whether it adds depth, complexity, smoothness, or a bit more strength, the special blends are always a win-win. Try some of the original versions, then give the Special Reserves a try. You might have a hard time deciding which ones you like best, but you'll like them all nonetheless!

Okay, what could possibly make Seattle Pipe Club's Mississippi River any better? How about taking the base tobaccos and storing them in a freshly-emptied rum barrel for a full month before pressing? This makes a lot of sense since Mississippi River is basically a VaPer on steroids so in this process it becomes a super-flavorful navy cake because of the rum and oak influence. Then, to make sure the rum essence doesn't fade before you get the chance to pop a can open, they inserted a piece of one of the barrel staves into each tin so you get the most benefit from this amazing blend. Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Rum Barrel Aged is sure to become a staple for a lot of the Seattle Pipe Club fans.


Join the Seattle Pipe Club with this finely blended tobacco from master blender Joe Lankford.

The Seattle Pipe Club knows their tobacco. Formed in 2001, it’s still one of the most active pipe tobacco clubs in the US, despite Seattle implementing a ban on lighting up in public. They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at a place called Smokey Joe’s, owned by a man named Joe Lankford.

In 2007, after blending tobacco for himself and for club members, he decided it was time for his brand to hit the market so people could enjoy them all over the country. With these meticulously blended fine tobaccos at your fingertips and in your pipe, you can join the Seattle Pipe Club no matter where you are!