#Under The Radar

We have a section on our site that is labeled as #Under the Radar. This section consists of allot of little known cigars that I have found to be quite pleasant and quite affordable for the average smoker. Some are simply hard to come by and therefore we have a limited supply on. There are approximately 20 different products in this section at any given time. Some are more well known than most but they all have one thing in common they are all pleasant smokes for a very low price. 

Now I belong to several online cigar sites and the conversation on 80% of them is always about Cubans and how expensive they are and is it truly worth that expense. My answer to that is if that kind of money is affordable to you then certainly but for those of us that enjoy great cigars without breaking the bank is the reason we started the collection of #Under the Radar. The number one discussion I see on all sites has to do with the Cohiba Behike. Now it may be a great cigar but do not discount the Cohiba Red Dot Series of cigars that have several other affordable price points for those of us that can't make a $50 stick a daily smoker. Cohiba Blue Dot is currently under $5/stick on sticks379.com with Cohiba Red under $10 stick.

If you are a beginner and looking to get into cigars I suggest you pick a few items from #Under the Radar along with a couple mainstream brands in order to get the full range of flavors at a very affordable price. If you're an avid smoker I advise you pick a few from #Under the Radar to diversify your smoking and introduce your palette to new experiences. Great surprises awake. Don't judge a book by its cover and DO NOT judge the quality of a cigar by its price.

sticks379.com began because there were so many different cigar brands being talked about that were not readily available. No store online or B&M can carry everything but everything you see on our online store is in stock and readily available to ship USPS within the Continental United States or delivered to a 637 zip code within 24 hours.

I addressed this in a previous blog post Ship vs Bill but wish to stress it again. If you do not live in a 637 zip code but work or often travel to a 637 zip code list your home address as your billing address and your place of work or a place to meet in a 637 zip code as your shipping address. The shipping address you use as a drop off will afford you FREE shipping and we will arrange to deliver your order to that 637 address.









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